Hillcrest PTA Nominating Committee Needs You!

The Hillcrest PTA Nominating Committee is currently working to fill board member positions for the 2021-22 school year. These positions ultimately play a delegation and support role for the event and committee chairs – the Hillcrest PTA is lucky to have so many dedicated Committee Chairs who lead the charge on various efforts. If you have questions or interest in any of the positions below, please contact the Nominating Committee: Anne HealyMarie Bucklar, and Kelly Fallon-Wilson.

  • Co-Presidents: This dynamic duo heads up the PTA and ensures in compliance with the Illinois PTA. Beyond setting the PTA meeting agendas and leading the meetings, the primary goal is to be in contact with Board Members (Treasurer, Secretary, VP of Marketing, VP of Membership, VP of Ways and Means, VP of Social and VP of Academics) as a sounding board and supporter.
  • Secretary:  The secretary is responsible for creating reports from PTA board and general meetings.
  • VP of Marketing:  The VP of Marketing is responsible for generating (along with the marketing committee) the weekly email, the school bulletin board by the front office, as well as general website updates and upkeep.
  • VP of Ways and Means:  The VP of Ways and Means oversees fundraising efforts for the school by leading dedicated committee chairs through the process. Game Night, Hillcrest Hound Dog Dash, and Charleston Wrap are just a few of the committees within this fundraising team.
  • VP of Social:  The VP of Social has the opportunity to provide support to several different committees on school-related events throughout the year. Some of these include Holiday Shop, Bingo Night, and the Variety Show.