Box Tops for Spirit Sticks

Box Tops Chair:  Pam Zabawski

Maximize Our School’s Earnings

Our PTA is collecting Box Tops for Education and with every 25 Box Tops, your child can earn a Spirit Stick.

Here are ways you can earn:  

Collection Center

Collection Center

You will see our new addition to the entry foyer this year.  We have a collection bus that is set up near the office with lights flashing. 

Each room has a bucket to collect your baggies (Name and teacher name on it please for credit) and once a week someone will be chosen to empty the bucket in our bus for collection.

Box Tops Bonus App

A free and easy way to earn Bonus Box Tops.

Download the App and select the offers you want, buy the products and scan your grocery receipts to earn BONUS BOX TOPS.

Go to the APP STORE or GOOGLE PLAY today!

Bonus Box Tops Online

Chances to win Bonus Box Tops online through sweepstakes and store promotions.  These are electronically credited to your school.

Sweepstakes Link

Bonus Box Tops Codes

Occasionally you’ll find these 14 digit Bonus Box Tops codes on packages or printed at checkout.  Sometimes they are those extra paper coupons too.  You can enter them online and mark on sheet you entered it and send to me for credit or just send to me and I can enter them in.  Watch Expiration Dates!

Expiration Dates and Codes

Expired Box Tops are not any good.  Please check to make sure your dates and that the whole box top is intact.
Also, there are codes on some of these as well.  If these are torn off, they are no good.
(GCHR here)  Always try and get the whole Box Top.