Fun Lunch


FUN LUNCH Chairs: Bebe Steele ( and Shannon Kuntz (

Ordering for Fun Lunch and Pizza Day is now open*! Click here to order and use code HE304

It may ask you for the school code which is still HE304Your user name and password from last year’s site is still good – no need to re-register.  You may do “Forgot Password”, if necessary.

* Make sure you assign your child to his/her teacher – it’s very important for them to receive their ticket for lunch!

**NEW THIS YEAR**: You may order monthly, quarterly, or as needed and pay that way – it’s not necessary to order for the whole year unless you want to. Orders must be placed TWO WEEKS before the lunch date. Sorry, No Exceptions.

Fuddruckers – 9/22/17, 12/15/17, 3/16/17

     Hamburger, Cheeseburger, HotDog, Veggie Burger-all with chips, cookie and chocolate milk.

Buona Beef – 10/20/17, 1/19/18, 4/20/18

     Beef, Chic Tenders, Mostaccoli, Mac&Ch all come with Chips, cookie and Chocolate Milk.

Mojo’s  11/17/17, 2/16/18, 5/18/18

    Cheesesteak, Turkey&Ch, Ham&Ch, Veggie Sandwiches and all come with Chips, Cookie and chocolate milk.

Click here to order and use code HE304